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Working Capital

Cash-Credit, Overdraft Facility, Term Loan are types of working capital loans

CC & OD are products where client needs to pay only interest

EMI is applicable in case of Term Loan

In each of the products mentioned above immovable property is required as collateral security

Loan eligibility is depending on factors like, Top Line, Bottom Line, Debtors & Creditors, Existing Loan exposures, Age of Company, Growth cycle of last 5 years, Projections of next 3 years.

These loans are ideally used for executing daily operational activities, daily payments to vendors.

This product is best suitable for Traders, Manufacturers.

Letter of credit
  •   This loan facility is one of the finest tool used while importing material or machinery
  •   This facility is available at lower rate of interest
  •   This facility is usually used by businessmen in Import-Export business.
Bank Guarantee
    •   This loan facility is used to honour the commitment on behalf of borrower
Buyers Credit
    •   This is a loan facility widely used for importing goods like machinery
    •   It is available at substantially lower rate of interest
Role of Team Loan in Pune in arranging Working Capital
    •   We save your cost substantially
    •   Assessment of proposal
    •   Customised solution
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